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Here at Custom Home Design, we will always endeavour to find a solution for clients with varying levels of mobility. Our design team will work closely with you to establish your every need.

Our expertise is not restricted to designing rooms. Our objective is to make your home a more comfortable place for you to enjoy, regardless of your age or level of mobility.

Our selection of home comfort products are available to anybody seeking to enhance their quality of life, sometimes for pain relief, sometimes for pure comfort, sometimes for a bit of both.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of products availabe, some of which are custom made to exact client specifications:

Electric Adjustable Beds

Adjust the bed using handheld control to suit comfort level,
with a range of different options available to customise your bed,
including built in massage system. Beds are manufactured to order.

Available in a range of widths
(completely bespoke sizes available upon request).


Electric or manual Riser/Recliner . Relieve stress, relieve backpain and increase blood circulation with the optional built in heat and massage system. Chairs are manufactured to order.

Available in various sizes (completely bespoke sizes available upon request).

Massage Mattress
Mattress with handheld control for built in massage system.

Available in various sizes.

Handheld Body Massagers
Relieves tension and increases blood circulation.

Contact us for a consultation to discuss full range on these or other products such as stairlifts, mobility scooters etc...

Please note: If you suffer from certain conditions, it is advisable to seek medical advice before using some massage functions. Please seek medical advice if you are unsure.

Massage function should not be used by any person using a pacemaker.
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